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Thursday, January 11, 2007

1st Month, Article, and Questions

December 11th 2006, i started to work in this company. Now it’s been completely a month. Today is the day of joy. Now i have to redefine the meaning of joy.

It’s not that i have a bad record if we need to review the my last 30 days. I’ve done some tasks that were submitted to me. Since there’re no complains then i guessed i’ve done them well enough.

Who wants to grow bigger? I do. I need to make higher progress, the one that makes a sense of my life. The one that if i walk out of this company, i walk out with something.

My job is not so complicated that turns me into grey. Should you know what i’m doing, hereby i show you.

I work in a company that focuses its business in oil and gas sector. It gives engineering and asset services to clients, and also manpower supply to other AMEC company across the world. If you guys know the term of EPC (Engineering,Procurement,Construction) Company, then this company will provide the ‘E’ only.

The product of this company is known as FEED (Front End Engineering Design). It gives a complete engineering document requested by client. It consists of detail drawings and calculations of all equipments of every discipline. Mechanical Discipline, where i work, deals with static and rotating equipments.

Static equipments mean equipments that don’t have moving parts, these equipments are Drum, Tank, Pressure Vessel, etc.

Rotating equipments have moving parts. These equipments are pumps, compressors, engines, etc.

Mechanical engineers are subjected to provide documents of these equipments. The data sheet and equipment specification should be fulfilled. After both documents are done, we get to the next task. Provide a requisition.

We need to do an equipment requisition to vendors. The term ‘vendor’ could mean the equipment seller. We give them a requisition document together with the data sheet and specification of the equipments, to see if they could meet our requirements. Then they send feedbacks to us about the requisitions, to tell us how they meet our requirements.

Then we process all feedbacks from vendors, this phase is called TBE (Technical Bid Evaluation). We evaluate vendors’ documents and pick one that best meets our requirements, with all respective considerations.

It’s all done. Then we gather all the documents and send them to client, which are to be issued for comments or approval.
Quite simple huh.

Alright then, i’ve got some questions to ask you guys. Here they are:
1. Which one do you prefer ?Working in a company with stuck career but high income or a company with promising career and adequate income? Please explain your reasons briefly.
2. Why won’t you work for the government’s company?
3. Which one do you prefer? Lower income job in big cities or higher income job in remote places? Regarding the equivalent position level. Please explain your reasons briefly.

Guys, please be informed that i’m not asking these questions in the sake of money. Not at all. Pas Du Tout. Indeed they’re money oriented questions but your answers will tell the differences. I think it’s all about how we should manage our future life. And i’ve already got my own answers. I’ll let you know later.

Thanks for reading this long article. I’m sorry for providing it in english. Hope you understand. Hope our english gets better. =D

PS : If only you see something wrong or misunderstood, please let me know.

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Herr Santiago,,,wie geht es ihnen??

Saia pertama niy:)). jawab pake 'bahasa' aja yah..ntar klo saia make deutsch situ ntar bingung2...[hoho,ngeles].

1.Saya akan dengan senang hati untuk bekerja di 2nd company,,menurut saya karir yang berjalan secara progresif dan membangun diri yang saya butuhkan.Kemajuan,itu yang saya kejar.
2.bekerja sebagai PNS,,hmm...sebenarnya dapat dipertimbangkan apalagi bila pemerintah mau membiayai saya melanjutkan pendidikan di luar negeri,esp. Jerman.Huwaaa...pengen!
3.Remote area??Wah,karena alasan gender kayanya lebih baik di big city aja deh. Serem juga membayangkan diri ini sulit berkomunikasi,tidak ada listrik,tidak mengenal koneksi internet..Huff!!!

But anyway,,,satu hal yang paling saya inginkan adalah tempat kerja yang sangat concern dengan pendidikan para stafnya. Yah,minimal beasiswa S2 buat staf yang berprestasi.

Oia satu lagi,,kenapa tidak mengembangkan jiwa enterpreneurship saja? Lebih bagus membuka kesempatan,,daripada jadi suruhan melulu:P

Sekian,,,kok panjang yah??Hehe,,jwbanmu ditunggu juga lho

Auf wiedersehen
Gute Fahrt:)

2:18 PM  

saiia ga pede nulis in EEMGLEESHH, ajarin dong mas, kesel juga ya ternyata gabisa bahasa inggris.

1. yang kedua. hey, yang penting tantangan! stuck=boring. kalo menurut saiia sih, tingginya gaji adalah parameter yang ada jauh dibawah enjoyment kerja.
2. siapa juga yang gamau? boleh aja asal saiia dapet kenyamanan kerja. oh iya, jadi PNS katanya banyak fringe benefit-nya, lho. contoh: bisa kenal banyak pejabat, bisa punya sopir pribadi 24x7 gratis, dll.
3. saiia mau kerja dimana saiia bisa menetap. gapapa lah kalo ada jalan2nya, tapi harap diingat, dari pengalaman temen2 saiia yang udah pada lama kerja, remote places menyenangkan. asal bisa dipastiin kita dapet spare-time yang cukup buwat mengunjungi kerabat2 kita. TAPI LAIN CERITANYA kalo udah punya istri, mas. Susah.

that's all.
referensi bacaan biar sukses writing apaan mas? Longman?



4:04 PM  

well if u ask me:

1. i hve another perspective. maybe i'd choose 1st one, BUT i'll use my income (assume that my income is higher than my daily need) to get challenge. for example: i'll try to be enterpreneurship outside my ordinary work in my office. i don't have to work it on my own. my 'beautiful' wife (ehm...), brothers, can help me. the bussines itself don't have to be in the city where i work. it can be in my

4:07 PM  

hometown. so, if the bussiness goes well, no need to worry to resign and back to my 'peace' hometown.

2.who said i won't? dunno, if we see bumn's, identic with easy & lazy job and of course lower income rather than in private. maybe if i want to enjoy live right here right now, i'll bumn's officer or pns.

3. if we right now living in big city, maybe we'll prefer working in big city too. actually, what is definision remote area? small place in java, outside java, or extremely in offshore? if u ask me? i'll choose working in small city in java. rather than in metro city like 'J' or in a very2 remote area like offshore or mid of the jungle

~table master~ ;-p~

4:16 PM  

no komen

4:52 PM  


1. what if i don't choose either of the option? i'll choose company with nice work situation. company which let the employee to get something to learn and improve themself. since i don't give a lot care to money or career. experience is what i need.
2. hmmm... maybe i'll pick that. since if i work in government company, there will be a better oportunity to be a bureucrat.. public service.. hihihi..
3. right now.. higher income in remote place.. i hate to be in a big city..

9:54 PM  

Jawabannya (pake bahasa Indonesia ah)
1. Promising career dong, percuma kerja tapi gak ada semangatnya. Stuck career mendorong hilangnya semangat.
2. Hm, entah kenapa saya selalu berpikir bekerja di government company tidak akan lepas dari "tindakan-tindakan kotor". Saya pengen lepas dari itu aja.
3. Hm, tergantung istri! Hahahaha.. Gak ding. Sebenernya saya nggak masalah ditaruh di remote, soalnya pernah ngerasain 18 tahun berada di remote (Bapak saya kerja di Riau sebelumnya). Dan nggak ada masalah tuh :D

7:43 AM  

1. working in promising company with high income
2. don't care
3. higher income job in bandung


4:35 PM  

1. Non-relevant question, if your career is good, then the income will follow you :)
2. government company is not the same as civil servant (PNS), is it? or it is the same? I got mixed up... is what you mean by government company is a national company (not multi-national) or is it a government institution?
I choose to work in a multi-national environment to broaden my knowledges and experiences in regards to work with a very competitive, yet fair, workplace... and with so many different characters.
3. Remote area with relatively high-tech facilities and daily access to 'civilization'... Balikpapan is a good example :)... don't really care bout the income, as long as it fits my needs... and my family.

pardon my English, I'm just trying my best :D...

7:24 PM  

Good Afternoon guys,
As i've told you that i'd give my answers, now i write them down:

1. The term of stuck career may mean like a career in a company that doesn't have a clear employee development. You din't see a significant progress of your career in 5 years. That's my point. Of course every company has its own development system.
If i ain't quite sure what i will be in this company 5 years by now, i'd better leave. Though they offer a very good remuneration package.
A dynamic working life is a preference.

2. Though it's different but i unite these terms. Thus, PNS, BUMN, will be referred to as Government company. I don't see fair competition in these companies. Then i choose not to get involved in. This point is the most considerable one for me. For i have been once a victim of unfair competition.

3. This question needs wishful thinking. Family and future wife will be the considerations. I can go with it if my future wife can go either way. If not, then there's no remote located job. Regardless the high income. But this is a temporary answer of mine. Cos there're so many 'conditional' things to think.

Here're my answers, for your acknowledge. If there're comments, go ahead. We talk about them.

12:48 PM  

Then here're my comments on your comments:

+saya : remote area doesn't mean a swamp, girl. It's still worth living. Example : Timika, Soroako, etc. Someday i'd like to be an entrepreneur, building an ethanol plant.

+bodhi : i will question your principal someday about salary, when you get married, i think you'll think about it.Yup, fringe benefit. But how you compete in unfair competitions?
Longman is great, try to face dict as a novel, then your english will be better.

+tableloser : great thoughts of first answer.Very creative.

+dimas : wow, how could it be?of first answer. well, adventurous soul of third answer.

+bram : we have the same point of workin for government.

+ichanx : unfortunately, i haven't found such conditions.

+goio : high tech facilities in balikpapan?is it true?

12:59 PM  

Frilo, What I mean by high-tech is non-primitive :D ... it's not necessary to be sophisticate-state-of-the-art-high-technology facilities. Public services in BPN is good (not great though) so I would like to consider it as 'high-tech'. I love that town. Miss it very much :(...

6:57 PM  

well there're so many such towns..this kind of town is still considerable n perhaps it can be more comfortable to live in..
as i always have known, town gives narcolepsy n city makes riot..
Well, again, it's considerable for me..

7:35 PM  

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