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Monday, November 27, 2006

It Was A Very Long Saturday Nite

We had this agreement:

We planned to leave for the cinema after Maghrib, the plan was made at 6 pm. But at 6 pm i’d just entered the bathroom. And she arrived in my house at 6.30 pm. Since i hadn’t finished my bath yet, therefore she had to wait for me till 7 pm.

If i were you i would’ve canceled everything. Pardon that, i'm kidding.

Whoops..we arrived at the place, Blitz MegaPLEX, such a futuristic name. We had a problem of finding a parking lot. Then the security officers told us to park indoor, since the outdoor parking lots were full.

Alrite then we slided into the indoor parking hall. We found a spot to park this car on a 30 degrees descending parking way. This spot was in between 2 concrete posts next to the first concrete post.

Not quite easy to park in but it’s the nearest available one. Then this mademoiselle (french word for a young lady) parked the Blue Jazz in. I found something wrong. She took the angle too tight. Oh Ya Allah.

But i just couldn’t fu**in’ scream. And this car seemed to don’t wanna stop. And what scared me to death was that this mademoiselle didn’t seem to know what to do and how to react. Oh my goodness. If only i was in control.

The fact was that i wasn’t in control. And i knew if i screamed, it would only make her more panic. I was burning to find what to do.

The car hit the post. Finally. Ah. It was a huge guilt in my heart.

The car stopped moving. Okay mademoiselle we had to reverse and try a wider angle. Huh.

And it worked. We parked the car well. Uh ah ahuahau uh ah.Ahhrrrrrrhhhhhgghh.

It was a very happening nite for her. Sorry mademoiselle.

Waiting for me an hour long, crashing the car to the concrete post, treating me a movie ticket, and taking me home safely. What a nite for you.

Afterall, forgive me for all my stupidity, my stupidity, and my stupidity. Keep being a good informant. Thanks a lot.

posted by frilo at 8:16 PM


Dilema kalo bawa mobil orang. Apalagi cewe. Kalo dibawain beresiko, kalo gak dibawain gak gentle..
Semangat ye.. :)

4:06 AM  

nyantei atuuh fril..nyanteii..

aahhh malu nii kebodohan dan kesialan2 gw dipublikasiin,,sial kau! =P

6:38 AM  

kaga ngarti parkir2an... :D

11:00 AM  

# dah bisa nih muter arah panah di photoshop?

# who is she?

# who is her target?

# well parking is the most difficult thing in driving

4:21 PM  

agree with danang..
parking is the most difficult things in driving, since GUE GA BISA MARKIRIN MOBIL!!! huahahaha...

target lo masih si "hadiah utama" itu??

11:52 AM  

@brahm: betul banget, tp gw ga lagi bawa mobil orang..

@Mademoiselle : aduh bu masih kepikiran tuh, kalo butuh k bengkel atau yang lain, tanya gw aja..

@Danang : ctrl T doank, you know her Nang, you don't know her target but i do

To all,
parkir mah tergantung jam terbang..

3:39 PM  

tenang pa,,k bengkelnya ntar aja kalo udah parah penyok sana sini.hihihi
gw juga udah ga kpikiran dan keingetan sama skali ko,, =)

stujuuuu ama dimas ma danang,,ga setuju ama frilo.. =P
parkir adalah hal tersulit dalam hal nyetir menyetir..
you know lah fril kemampuan parkir gw serendah apa..heheh

7:07 PM  

do I know her? i wonder she is . . .

tergantung jam terbang sih, tapi kan tetep aja "hal tersulit". soalnya setiap bawa mobil kan ga cuma parkir doang.
setiap kali lo keuar nyetir, ada beberapa proses yang hampir selalu terjadi kesemuanya:

nyetir di jalan
parkie (setiap sampai di tujuan)

nah, walaupun jam terbang nambah, tetep aja kerelatifan kesulitan terbesar ada di parkir. (bukannya gw ga bisa parkir ya')

nafsu amat gw ngedebat tungir

9:54 AM  

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