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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Graduate or..

Indeed this is not a difficult question to answer. Everyone wants to graduate. But a question then follows your answer. What's been waiting for you?None or any?

Brainstorming method comes up with several answer.

First, find a job.

Second, get married.

Last, take post-graduate study.

Okay. Let's get rumbled with all these three scenarios.

First, find a job. I'm not graduated yet. Hell Yeah. And why do i think i can get a job almost easily. I've been through 2 job test/interview with not good enough result. Yestrday, i went to another one. Hopefully it results in good. But, yeah, there's no insurance.

Well i think this one's not waiting for me.

Second, get married. Hohohoho. Well well well. I'm going too far. What's the matter?

As you know, and as we all know, i'm with no one right now. Why would i think about marriage?

Moreover, i haven't got any job, how could i feed my family?No sense.

And also i'm fumbling with my choice. Which one is better, Dian Sastro or Joanna Alexandra?

Dump this one.

Last, get my master degree. My friend laughed. Yeah, he's got a reason. As you all know, and as we all know, i'm quite struggling here. Why would i enjoy another struggle?No sense.

Oh, cut this one.

Alright. I've reached the end. Nothing's been waiting for me afterall.

So why so lazy.


I missed one. And it's been waiting for me. Death.

Alright fellas. I gotta hurry up. I'm off.

Doing my final project again.

posted by frilo at 10:47 PM


Mas, sica doakan smg keinginannya terkabul semua .amin.

Kalo merit...ngundang2 ya ..anu...jgn lupa sekalian tiketnya hehehehe

11:46 PM  

Merci beaucoup..
Tiket?kalo gw sebelum nikah dah jadi dirut boleh lah ya..

9:15 PM  

And it's been waiting for me. Death.

Not for u but me too n for all :)

btw, klo meritnya di jkt undang2 yak *so kenal mode on :p*

2:21 PM  

ok deh..
ntar gw married seluruh provinsi lah..
biar semua kebagian..

10:03 PM  

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