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Monday, September 25, 2006

Death As A Serious Thing

One night few weeks ago i had the worst night of the nights in my life. Too damn frightening that i couldn't get over it.

Here we go.

I was dead at that time.

A bunch of bad guys came into a house where i and the whole family were deeply sleeping. I noticed them coming. I knew they would be bad men. But i didn't quite know whether my family noticed them or not since we slept in separate rooms.

It was all dark in my room. I don't quite know. May be because something has gone wrong with the electricity. So it was dark. But i could see a ray of moonlight flashing into my room. But it's still too dark.

Then my room door opened ajar.

What a scene.

A man as tall as the door was standing and staring at the dark. But i could see at one time he was staring at me. I moved aside.

He noticed it. He shot, in the dark. But i believed that he could see me a little bit. The shot missed. I moved down to the floor and leaned to the right side of the bed.

There it went.

He noticed me moving. I began to think that he knew where i was. Well he knew. I was totally meshed up. Mind's blown up. This is the first time in my life i saw death as a serious thing. Back to the story.

He shot at me several times. It hit my right ear n i thanked God. The other one missed. The other one missed again. And again.

Till he shot the last that straight through my neck. Wreck my life.I made sound but it was not the sound i meant to. I wanted to scream but all i could hear was different sound.

Aaaargghhhg. It's not what i meant to sound.

Then i noticed my blood had flowing down my neck. A really big bruise torn my neck. I could feel my weakness was about to come very soon. I hardly breathed. Very hard. And i couldn't.

My veins kept flowing the blood out.

And at that time i thought about death. My very precious few minutes.

Then i died. And i began to lose sense about anything.

And i awoke again. Alhamdulillah, it's only a dream.

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